MMD: Changing with the timesGood afternoon and happy Monday! This week we look at what changes have been occurring in education, as demanded by one thing: Time. Time is a never stopping force, that drives us — sometimes unwillingly — to face the facts and adapt.

We begin this week with a dramatic shift in intellectual property policies of California’s community colleges. In an effort to save money, the governing board has mandated that all courses, and other work paid for by the institutions, including research, must be freely available to all under Creative Commons Attrbution licenses (CC BY). “‘As we move down a pathway forward on distance-learning education, and open education as well, it just made sense,’” stated Barry A. Russell, a vice chancellor of Academic Affairs. To see how this can strengthen the faculties of the various institutions as well as student outcomes, read more here:
California’s Community Colleges Shift to Creative Commons Licenses (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)

K-12, Higher Education Collaborating on Common Core (Education Week)
A recent survey from George Washington U.’s Center for Education Policy has found that higher education institutions have been starting to step up and collaborate with K-12 in efforts to implement the Common Core Standards in their respective curricula. Adversely, there have been both great and small challenges along the way. Chief among them, aligning university content for teacher education programs with the Common Core.

Professor Leverages Social Networks to Help Visually Impaired Kids (India West)
Fact of the times: people communicate all things through social media, creating networks with tremendous power. A professor in India is helping the visually impaired by creating a volunteer braille-textbook-producing Facebook group named BanglaBraille.

A Digital Future: K-12 Technology by 2018 (Huffington Post)
Last but not least, we have a glimpse of the future of K-12 education, as it adapts to the ever changing times and technology. Key highlights include cloud computing, open content, virtual labs and 3-D printing.

Have a great week! In other news…
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Photo Credit: evilpeacock via photopin CC BY NC SA 2.0