Alisha Jackson is a Saylor graduate living in Southern California. She was in search of a more affordable way to finish her degree and has completed 6 of our free college credit courses. She is planning on finishing her Bachelor of Business Administration with one of our partner universities.

Saylor Academy: Hello Alisha! How did you find out about Saylor and our free courses?

Alisha Jackson: I found out about Saylor last fall while searching the internet for online accredited college courses because the university I was going to had temporarily closed due to Covid. Among the alternatives I was evaluating, Saylor’s offer of free classes stuck out. I love that Saylor makes education affordable for everyone who wants to learn!

SA: Which courses have you taken and how, if at all, did they help you in your studies or career?

AJ: I have taken PHIL102: Introduction to Critical Thinking and Logic, BUS101: Introduction to Business, BUS202: Principles of Finance, BUS205: Business Law, BUS210: Corporate Communication, BUS402: Project Management, and BUS204: Business Statistics. These courses helped me fulfill some general ed and fundamental course requirements.

SA: What are your career goals? How have the certificates you obtained through Saylor Academy prepared you to achieve those goals?

AJ: My goal is to earn a BS in Business Administration and eventually land my dream job in HR (human resources) or marketing.

SA: Would you recommend Saylor to others?

AJ: Absolutely! Especially if you are looking to finish your degree more affordably, like I am. Saylor has been a game changer in this way!

SA: Do you have any advice for people joining the online learning community? 

AJ: Being self-motivated is key to getting the most out of online learning, but it can be difficult to push yourself sometimes. What helps me is envisioning where I want to be and setting deadlines and milestones for myself. Also sharing progress with family, friends, and other online learners can be helpful.

SA: How has Saylor Academy helped you in your journey to complete your degree?

AJ: I was able to take six college credit courses with Saylor that I plan to transfer to one of the universities Saylor partners with for a BS in Business Administration.

SA: Which college credit courses have you completed and which one was your favorite? 

AJ: So far, I have completed six courses: PHIL102, BUS101, BUS202, BUS205, BUS210, and BUS402 (my favorite).

Thanks to organizations like Saylor, the dream of earning a degree is steadily becoming a reality for everyone. Click To Tweet

SA: Would you recommend Saylor to others looking to finish their degrees? 

AJ: Certainly! Not everyone can afford the traditional college experience, but thanks to organizations like Saylor, the dream of earning a degree is steadily becoming a reality for everyone. If anyone is reading this wondering if they should give Saylor a try, consider this your sign to get started!

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