Naima Ait-Tayeb, originally from Morocco, has recently moved to the UK and is using our “English as a Second Language” (ESL) courses to strengthen her language skills. We are excited to share her journey as a Saylor Academy student, as well as her thoughts on online education.

*This interview has been edited slightly for clarity*

Saylor Academy: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What are you currently working on? What are your professional goals?

Naima: I was a sponsorship manager and administrative assistant in Morocco. I have a master’s degree in strategic management and logistics. I moved recently to the UK and now I am studying online (with the English version because my university studies before were in French) to improve my skills and learn more about supply chain management, which is my professional goal.

SA: What drives you to learn new things?

N: To integrate my new environment well, and continue my professional career!

SA: What are your thoughts on online learning? Do you think it is the future of education?

N: Yes, I think so. Especially now with the pandemic, when it becomes difficult to join the universities! Also, it helps you learn several courses in different fields, and they are of high quality with good teachers around the world.

SA: What did you enjoy the most about the Saylor Academy courses you took?

N: I appreciate that Saylor Academy is an online learning site that offers good training for free. I started with ESL courses. I like that the courses are divided by level, and also that there are courses in different fields and in particular management, that interests me the most. I find the 70% barrier interesting to pass the final exam, to be sure that I have understood the parts of the course. And I also like the part of interaction and sharing (writing, examples) with the other learners.

SA: How do you think your Saylor Academy certificate will help you achieve your professional goals?

N: It will help me to develop my language and communication skills. It will also help me to be up to date in the field of management. Subsequently, it will strengthen my candidacy in the job market.

SA: What word of advice would you give to students taking our ESL courses?

N: My message is: Whatever their English level, I propose to start from the first lesson (beginner level) because it will refresh their memory and also it will help them learn some new vocabulary and tricks. 

Students like Naima are successfully climbing the learning curve every day. We are proud of their progress and are eager to see their future accomplishments. Read more student interviews here and learn about their experiences earning their certificates. You can find all information on our courses here.