Matt Gorman, Saylor’s Fellow for Partner and Donor Relationships, and I had the pleasure of meeting The Honorable Sidney Collie, Ambassador of the Bahamas to the United States, just over two years ago at a diplomatic event in Washington DC.  Since then, Ambassador Collie has been a great ally of Saylor Academy, and an advocate for free skill development to institutions and nonprofit organizations in the Caribbean and beyond. 

Ambassador Collie, who is our inaugural Open Education Advocate of the Year, was instrumental in developing two partners in the Bahamas: The University of the Bahamas and the National Training Agency.  A lifelong political advocate and educator, Ambassador Collie’s passion and enthusiasm for pursuing educational opportunities is clear to all who meet him.

You can view our profile honoring Ambassador Collie, as well as our other awardees, in our Saylor Academy 2021 Student and Partner Awards video.

Saylor Partnerships in The Bahamas

Both University of the Bahamas and NTA take advantage of our sustainable Skill Development offering, where any Saylor course (our professional development courses are particularly useful and geared toward career development)  can be used to develop skills and earn a certificate.  

Partnering with Saylor Academy

The advantage of Saylor Academy courses is, of course, that the courses are free of charge and self-paced.  Budget and/or time-constrained programs can use our courses to supply, supplement or expand skill, workforce, or staff development curriculum or training. 

Both the University of the Bahamas and the National Training Agency are great examples of Saylor’s ability to partner with a variety of institutions. The National Training Agency is just the most recent example of us partnering with a nationwide skill development effort.  Previously, we became a Knowledge Partner of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) an NGO venture in India that developed eskillIndia, a digital platform designed to provide upskilling opportunities for Indian youth.

If your organization is interested in partnering with Saylor Academy, please reach out to [email protected].