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"Saylor courses were a great option for me because I could take them at my own pace; it gave me an opportunity to fit it in around my busy schedule... plus, they're economical, they're affordable. And that was a big deal for me.”

- Diane Thomas

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"What I want to do is motivate others and let them see the opportunities that are there for them.”

- Maurice H.

I owe you a deep debt of gratitude.

Three years ago, I finished my MBA and realized I wanted to further study economics, despite having taken only one economics class before and needing additional math courses. My advisor suggested I prioritize taking math classes and teach myself the economics before beginning my Ph.D. program. I was able to catch up by taking economics courses through Saylor Academy.

I recently finished my first year and was in the minority of my classmates to have passed comprehensive exams on the first try. It was the most challenging year of my life, but rewarding to know that I had made it through with such an unconventional foundation. I owe a lot to the people of Saylor Academy for providing me with the resources to launch my education in this new direction. I honestly believe that I couldn’t have made it here without all of your work. Thanks again.

– Thomas, Michigan, USA

I just want to thank the whole team of for putting such wonderful resources so I can still study whatever the subjects I have missed out since I have stopped schooling. Thank you for providing opportunities like this globally. You may not know it, but this website is helping a lot of people out there, especially the unfortunate ones who aren’t able to go to regular schools. I hope & pray that you will be able to help many other students who are willing to further their education. You are all doing a great job!

– Hannah, Dubai, UAE

I am learning just for the sake of learning. I have tried other online free courses and done well. But honestly, I find Saylor Academy easier to navigate through, because it is well organised, and increasingly interesting. But the most important is that I am not spending a single penny on it. Presently I am taking Political Science 201. Thanks Saylor Academy.

– Emilio, Los Angeles, USA

After struggling for hours to find quality courses online, by some miracle of God I found I could immediately see that Saylor’s quality was extremely high. Their exams are extremely difficult. I have learnt so much from them and I can’t wait to learn more. I just want to say thanks for their truly amazing service they are providing free of charge the world needs more companies like them.

– Leon, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I just found this site when I was navigating the internet..I was looking for a site to have online studies and I think Saylor is the perfect one for’s really helpful.

– Vincent, Legon, Ghana

Saylor Academy is one of the best websites for E-Learning. I really appreciate the hard work that Saylor gives in developing and increasing our efficiency in our field of study.

– Shane Mathews, India

I find it hard to believe my good fortune in discovering Saylor’s Art/History course. To be able to undertake such a professional and comprehensive course on-line as well as free of charge is the ultimate educational opportunity and experience, for which I am most grateful. I cannot recommend this organisation too highly.

– Barbara MacDonald, New Zealand

I never thought I would get a chance for education at a level like this, and it’s very very true Saylor is a saviour. Now I am taking career related courses before others. Thanks millions to Saylor Academy.

– Rineta, Solomon Islands

I feel like I have learned much more than expected. The material is well designed and presented, and the content is very relevant and effective. Saylor is definitely a great learning academy. Many thanks!

– Patrick, USA

I never got the chance to do high-school physics and chemistry. I would like to remedy that problem with education online and prepare for College physics and chemistry.

– Thomas Stein, Wisconsin, USA

This is exactly what is needed to democratize education and create a more equal society. College education should be free, and not just career education but also the liberal arts. Thank you for what you are doing.

– A student in the USA

Higher education is ready for radical changes due to skyrocketing costs. With one child in college, another soon to be, I think this is an investment in the future. Plus I use Saylor as an Extension for ongoing adult education.

– Richard S., USA

I am a disabled 50 year old lifetime learner. I have a thirst for knowledge and love learning new things or refreshing older ones. I have tinkered with Saylor for a couple of years, but in the last 2 weeks have settled down and decided to take some courses seriously. I am really interested in Literature and Journalism and hope to be able to use this knowledge some day by writing a book or possibly online journalism.

– Patricia, South Carolina, USA

I majored in Business & this is my first time studying a more science & math focused major. Needless to say, it is definitely intimidating. Saylor Academy has given me the opportunity to test out the waters without having to enroll in college for a second degree program.

– Mariam

Learning is very important to me. As a first generation high school graduate and a first generation college attendee, education connects to everything in my life. I found Saylor Academy because I needed some way to study for my upcoming course equivalency exam. I may only need the site once for this exam, but I encourage others to use it as much as they can. It is a great education tool!

– Kay

I started to study Saylor aproximately 2 years ago, my experience is very enriching, because I have learned new tendenciees and world competencies .

– A student in México

I just am interested in learning, really doesn’t matter what subjects. I am retired, so have time to invest in my knowledge. Left school early when a teenager.

– Rick, Canada

I spent all my time in high school and college taking classes in mathematics and science. Eventually, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and a Master’s degree in business. I really felt like something was missing in my education. I never studied the arts. Now, thanks to Saylor Academy, I can pursue my interest in art history, increasing my knowledge of both art and world history. This is making me a more well rounded person. I love it!

– Stacy

Poised for retirement, I look upon study – in this case Art Appreciation – as a way of filling gaps in my education as well as enriching my life. I have worked for more than 50 years as journalist and public relations exec. I want some intellectual stimulus in the coming years and look forward to moving on to deeper study into Art History.

– Eugene

I am a new student here! I recently learned that I am only 24 credit hours away from completing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion. I have enrolled in 6 courses here and two at Florence College that will satisfy my core requirements. When completed I will have earned that degree at age 73 or 74 depending on when I finish! I am thrilled to find Saylor Academy!

– Deanne, Texas

I qualified as a scuba diver instructor 4 years ago and was really interested in learning more about the world in which I gain so much pleasure. I looked around for courses to do but most were degree courses that were far too expensive, as I just wanted to learn more for knowledge’s sake rather than make a career out of it. After much research I came across your website and used this as a framework for finding out (via websites and your links) all about my passion for everything marine related. My knowledge has increased hundredfold (I knew nothing at the beginning) and am now confident enough to explain this world (in a small measure only) to my fellow divers and my students. I cannot thank you enough for the guidance through the marine biology/oceanography minefield that is available online.

– Joanna, UK

[E]ducation and learning should be an available resource for those with the desire and commitment to better themselves and not just a privileged few.

– Richard, USA

I have not slept well ever since [discovering Saylor] – I want to spend every waking moment FINALLY learning the things I should have at college. Your education methodology and philosophy completely align with mine […] I will spend the rest of my life learning from the solid foundation provided by the unconditional generosity of!!

– Brian

I came across Saylor accidentally. I broke down and cried. Saylor is somewhat of a dream come true for me, the dream to improve my mind.

– B.

One of my favorite educational sites in the world.

– Josh, Lit for Brains

Love Saylor! I am in the process of completing the major in Computer Science. Even though it isn’t an “official” college thing, it’ll really help when I do get back to school! Awesome job, keep it up! Much appreciation out here!

– Lilly K.

I learn a lot from Saylor, giving back is a must. The courses that Saylor offers are really well thought and comparable to any university. Every student or professional is so lucky to get across this wonderful organization. Thank you very much and more power.

– Ferdinand P., Saudi Arabia

Spending your Sunday afternoon/evening studying at @saylordotorg is a pleasure! #KnowledgeIsPower

– Miss Granger (@Nika_Castello) June 30, 2013

“Saylor courses provide a rigorous and guided path through a subject. I’m not sure if I will follow an entire course in a focused manner — I mostly use online courses to dive quickly into a specific topic I need to know about — just-in-time learning. But I’ll probably spend more time on the CS and Math courses on Saylor. I want to be a mathematician in parallel with a UX designer — but that’s a secret. ;)”

– D.R., India

I love being able to take classes at no cost and at my own rate of learning.

– Barbara R., USA

I just wanted to say thank you for providing this invaluable resource for people like me. I am desperate to continue my education but while paying for one student to attend college really has put a tight grip on our budget. Taking online university level courses for the sake of education gives me the confidence and knowledge that I so desperately seek.

– L.D.E., USA

Thank you for helping me believe in myself!

– Penny B., USA

I am really glad I found @saylordotorg . So many useful resources with no cost! #TimeWellSpent #CheckItOut

– Miller Jozwiak (@millerjoz) June 10, 2013

“I think that your site is wonderful. I have been using it to supplement my college lectures in English Literature for a year now. In fact I think that saylor is better than my college lectures. Thank you for the wonderful website.”

– F.C., India

Gratidão ilimitada e muito obrigado por essa oportunidade de poderosa de fazer esses cursos. Estou muito feliz por descobri lo e com certificado aumenta minha chances de trabalho.

– Douglas Paschoal, Niterói, Brazil

I work with information technology. Therefore, I deal with data, system, machine and people. I´m reading Managerial Accounting textbook because I really need further my knowledge in business. Eventually, all companies are driven by finance. I find really didactic, easy and practical the way is written the text. I don´t like complicated stuff. That´s why I am here. I highly recommend to everyone to stay tuned.

– Flavio Aquino, Brazil

Saylor, the school that every human needs. Saylor, the way forward. Just impressive and incredible.

– Charles, Togo

I really love Saylor so much. I passed my first course in my foundation computer science course plan. I am glad that your have this great university.

– Magdalena

Looking to improve on my computer skills, I have been a registered nurse for over 20 years.

– Donna, Canada

This site is honestly a complete MAGIC. I hold a BS in Petroleum Engineering with 10 years experience in various Oilfield Services companies. When I felt that time came to promote my self to a managerial position, I started to self strengthen my background in MBA online and for free.


This was the first website [that] surprised my and made me stunned with the (Pathway) Full Curriculum! I got shocked when I found all subjects very well-organized in merely one academy.

Finally, I do appreciate the founder of this website and advising them that you are doing MORE THAN GREAT JOB so please keep it up guys.

– Mohd. Helu, Tripoli, Lebanon

I really enjoy empowering myself thanks to Saylor Courses. There are courses that are not taught where I study (at University) because they do not give much importance to it. However, for entering the real market [there are] needed skills such as: public speaking, communication skills, professional etiquette, when dealing with other people. Thanks so much to Saylor for making this possible.

– Sara Rodríguez Arias, Spain

I am a college graduate with [an Associate of Science] degree. I was a nurse for about 10 yrs and became disabled. Now I can’t go back to college without paying a lot of money, so I found these MOOC’s by accident and enjoy learning everything I can that interests me.

– Vivian, Maryland, USA

Just a side note on what Saylor Academy has done for me. I’m taking my time working through the HIST101 course [which] got me studying paleo-indians and early peoples, I am almost finished with the Epic of Gilgamesh [….] I am a member of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and hope to use my Saylor Academy Art History and History frameworks to help me get into the Docent program. There is really nothing like your programs on the internet or live college anywhere for free. This isn’t for my career advancement, it’s for me. I’m learning because I enjoy it. Thank you so very much.

– Jeff W., USA

I am reading Principles of ManagementHuman ManagementOperation Managementand Project Managementbooks. I can mention that my career, life and working environments have changed with Saylor Academy. Thanks for providing the opportunities and PDF books.

– Mohammad Haris Raza

This is great! I like all the courses I’ve been going through and completed.

– Vanlalchhanhima R., India

I have completed a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Restoration) but have always been fascinated but at the same time intimidated with mathematics. I am therefore excited at the opportunity to complete the mathematics course offered by Saylor College. It will provide me with a lot more confidence when scrutinising data, particularly statistical data.

– Leonie, Australia

Really enjoying the courses so far. Very easy to use website, and lots of interesting courses offered. The customer service reps are also really on their game with quick responses and helpful replies.

– Chantal, via Facebook

Last year by accident I discovered Saylor Academy and love it. I am into computer technology and now I am learning computer science. I am very excited finishing all of my courses and sharing them with the world. I also download materials from Saylor to give to City College of San Francisco and other places.

– Magdalena, San Francisco

Saylor Academy is one of the best known online academy till now in my educational career. I am a geographer and I found it very much helpful in improving my academic career by offering various courses relating to my field of education free of cost, like Regional Geography Courses, CAD, courses about Databases, etc.

– Mohammad Aftab Khan

I have always wanted to study the great works of English literature, but for various reasons didn’t. As writing has become more a part of my daily life, I remembered my longing to study English literature, and found Saylor Academy. I am very excited to be studying an English lit major – in fact, it’s a dream come true.

– Sara, Australia

The certificate of psychology course has given me the ability to professionally deal with psychological problems that I never have knowledge about before. I ask that this course be retained in order for others to benefit from it.

– A student in the USA

Using Saylor Academy to learn is perfect. I’m able to do everything at my own pace, which is great, as life can get pretty hectic at times. The things that I have been learning and will learn will be used to go towards a University course that I will be doing through my employer.

– Carey, Western Australia, Australia

I have always enjoyed learning, but I have recently become interested in online tutoring. I want to refresh my knowledge on math topics using Saylor Academy, and I can’t wait until I can help others learn!

– Megan

Saylor helps me to learn new skills that I didn’t learn at school

– Rasivhaga, Limpopo, South Africa

I’d like to congratulate you for your learning initiative, not only for the fact that it is free access for everybody in the world attempting to evolve in terms of personal knowledge, but also for providing the tools to make the acquired skills recognizable.

– A.M., Spain

At the beginning it was very hard, like I did not know where to start. Now, it’s totally different, because of this program I do dare think about a better and brighter future. As it is said, “education is the key to success.” I would like to let you know that Saylor’s contribution in the world of education has done more than what one could have thought.

– Jean Wilner Augustin, Montouis, Haiti

[O]nline educational courses are extremely useful for on-the-go professionals who have struggled to find the time to sit and study. I would easily recommend SAYLOR not only for busy professionals but also for any sort of students who might be interested in finding different methods of learning.

– Felipe Romero, Brazil

I’ve enrolled for stuff I never got to learn in college because the college did not offer the course. Thank you Saylor.

– H.J., India

I can’t stop studying!!! Anyway, I don’t want to stop. I am in love with the @saylordotorg content. It’s amaaaaazing.

– Miss Granger (@Nika_Castello) June 30, 2013

“Brilliant! Absolutely essential! I can only hope (at age 70 one does what one does a bit slower but the enthusiasm is unbounded) that you develop some courses about Geography. I am an old-school (BA, MA, PhD in Geography from the 1960s and early 1970s) kind of geographer but believe that stuff like GPS and GIS, etc., are important for all of us as a functional society.”

– R.A., USA

“You’ve done such a great job for us. It’s just like a dream come true. Thank you so much.”

– Sophie, China

I haven’t been this excited in a long time! My wife told me about Saylor and thought I should give it a look. At 61 years of age, I don’t want to go in debt but do want to access information to make myself more productive and a better employee. Outstanding how this is set up. I can move at my own pace and actually learn instead of spending my time just knowing what’s on the test. Finally, a university for the average Joe. Thank you to everyone that makes this possible.

– Nelson, USA

What does the free learning at mean to me? The great unconditional love to help humanity to succeed, without distinction of races.

– Pongui Claver – Jaloko, South Africa

Saylor has given me a new hope for the future. No other site compares to what Saylor has to offer. I’m proud to be a Saylor student! Thank you, Saylor. What y’all are doing is amazing and I could never thank you enough!

– Andrea Schaefer-Gunderson, USA

Awesome!!! Just awesome, thanks so much. I have been looking for something like ever since the internet went mobile! 6 stars out of 5 stars.

– Jeremy A., USA

Hi I just want to congratulate you on the outstanding free courses you provide. I am working my way steadily through the Art History courses at the moment, and getting a great deal out of them.

– Michelle (blog comment)

Career advancement. My boss asked me to learn more about different subjects. This is perfect!

– Sara, USA

I used Saylor courses to prepare for 2 CLEP exams – Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. I really love the format of Saylor courses. The fact that all the resources you need are online is a huge plus! I’m happy to report that with the help of Saylor courses I passed the Macroeconomics CLEP with a 63/80 and the Microeconomics CLEP with a 75/80!! That equals 6 college credits!!

– K.B., USA

I want to take a moment to thank you for your doc and docx files. They are of immense utility to me. Let me explain why. I have a learning disability. However, with the document versions I can make a custom copy. I can remove all headers, footers, source notes, etc. Then I can save it as a text file. It becomes a glorious, clean stream of audio for me to listen to without confusion. That lets me get through the information. Then I can go back and look up and read with far less trouble because I am more familiar with the terms and information used in the book.

– E. McCormick, USA

“I didn’t know anything like [Saylor] existed. When the University of Memphis directed me to the site, I kept thinking that this was amazing and no matter how difficult it got I was determined to finish. Saylor is absolutely inspiring to those in need. If you are a student, returning to school, or whatever your situation is — this is for you. I like the self-paced courses. But, I also had lots of email contact with Saylor and with the student forum so I didn’t feel alone.”

– Melanie, USA

Saylor is awesome! I’m four courses away from a Bachelor’s. My school accepts some Saylor credits, so I’ll take two courses at Saylor and transfer in those credits.

– Phyllis

Great opportunity to learn on my bed. It’s given me sound mind to take workplace stress. Sdding values to myself and organization came through Saylor.

– Oyeniran Damilola David, Ilorin, Nigeria

As an educator I make full recommendations to doing courses with Saylor academy and this is because above all the free online courses offered this is the BEST I’ve seen. I couldn’t believe I found a university chemistry and math course offered with a free certificate, whereas other online institutions make you pay for it. This institution has gone through many lengths to also make the course accredited by other universities for next to nothing to handle transfers. I am a great supporter of this institution and plan to recommend it where I teach and support where necessary so that they can keep up the good work.

– Shawn Freeman, Guyana

Saylor Academy is a Miracle. I am in the middle of a career change and taking Business Administration courses. I plan on going to Law School later, and these Business courses are very challenging. Thanks 4 what you do at Saylor.

– Kevin Rogers, Michigan, USA

We are awed by your ingenious ideas and love for your fellow human beings. I hope to be what I have always aspired to be, and that is a serious entrepreneur. I will also use my acquired business knowledge to lift other people in need.

– Edwin Mugo, Thika, Kenya

This academy is a dream for everyone who wants to improve himself. You make the world a better place!

– Alessandro, Trieste, Italy

It is indeed an amazing experience studying at Saylor Academy. I have always had strong passion for Communication, Law, Languages, Computer Science, and Business Law, but due to my O-Level subjects, I am denied a few of these in my country. Luckily, this online school has given me the golden opportunity to study any course without basic requirements except technical ones which are not a problem. For this reason, I am most delighted to be a student of this institution. Thank you.

– Agunia Billion, Nigeria

I plan to enroll in the distance learning Msc Math at the Open University here in the UK. Although mostly legacy, the work Saylor has done to aggregate disparate academic sources and forge a full curriculum out of them is fantastic. I can use these materials to effectively give myself an undergrad education before the Msc.

– Alex, UK

[M]y management made the Saylor Academy courses a part of my yearly development program […] While taking these courses I realized that these aren’t your average “Mock Calls” but in fact they were an in-depth analysis of what you actually need to know when working in a professional customer services department.

Adrian, Pakistan

Love it! When you give people opportunities to become better you eradicate poverty of the mind and make society whole. Wonderful concept and philanthropy!

– Clifton Maloney, via Facebook

I am 69 and a trained teacher, but now I want to be a psychotherapist. I had been mentally ill for 25 years and am now recovered. Therefore, I have started on psychology. It is a dream come true — you cannot study a second time free in Denmark.
I am happy that I found

– Signe Seiersen, Denmark

I’m taking COMM411 course at the moment and very appreciate the quality of its contents. Thanks for offering these free courses. Keep up the great work guys.

– Nguyễn Cao Kỳ, via Facebook

Currently I’m doing a computer science course. I’m very happy because Saylor Academy has given me a chance to pursue computer science for free at my own pace. I welcome everyone to join Saylor Academy because they have different courses everyone deserves. Thanks!

– Fred, Uganda

I love to study in Saylor Academy because of academic learning that has flourished in my daily life. Because of the financial circumstances in my daily living here in the Philippines, I cannot afford the basis of tuition fees in a normal university to take the course that I love to. But thank God for the opportunity that Saylor Academy online study gave to me. Because of their program online, I am now enjoying the learning lessons of my dream course […] [and] a better future that comes.

– A student in the Philippines

I majored in computer science. Saylor Academy has given us many informations about our jobs. Its very useful for all freshers who joined in HP family.

– Kaviya Kamaraj

When even the income tax folks tag “lifetime” onto the word “learning”, we come to know we mustn’t stop. I took the NASA course, a look at how those engineers must be team players first, then be brilliant second. Insights did abound.

– John AKA Anomdeplume, Phoenix

Learning to me means being able to do new things based on the knowledge and experience that I have acquired. Saylor Academy has helped me a lot in my MBA studies, since most of its books are easy to understand and more importantly free and easy to access. Therefore, whenever I don’t have one of the prescribed textbooks for one my modules I usually search for a similar book on Saylor Academy. As a business student, my plan is to open a business venture and eventually work on it full time.

– Clement Udedi, Malawi

I love math and studying linear algebra at Saylor is really fun for me now. I take all the time I want, take a break, and whenever the urge strikes, return to the study; this is helping me learn new stuff and re-learn yesteryear stuff. (74-years-young retired aero engineer).

– Rudy, Waco, Texas

I’m studying archaeology credit and non credit and Saylor provides me with very good courses on subjects that help me enrich my knowledge. Saylor an MOOC in general is an open door to knowledge which was until now and still is in many countries the priviledge of the well off. Pity that there aren’t more courses in different languages such as French because this would give people in developping countries (Africa) and crisis rident countries such as Greece or Spain an opportunity to educate oneself freely towards better understanding of the world we live in and towards a (better) job! Thanks to all the people behind this great idea.

– Isabelle P.L., Belgium

One of the best things about Saylor is the PEOPLE. Those that run the site provide fantastic personalized support, and those taking the courses reach out from all over the world. It is great to have those personal touches while doing individual learning!

– Sarah Leney, Canada

“For someone who is $120,000 in debt from student loans, graduated with a dual honors degree, a 3.6 GPA, studied abroad and still has no job … I applaud the work of the Saylor Foundation. One shouldn’t have to sacrifice their life or be indebted for the rest of it in an attempt to better one’s self. Education shouldn’t be a sacrifice but rather an opportunity to discover and achieve what we are all capable of if given the opportunity to succeed of our own accord. Thank you to your founder and all the people’s hard at work at, you hold the key to the future of American success.”

– Samangie A., USA

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