Student Stories

“Saylor [Academy] courses were a great option for me because I could take them at my own pace; it gave me an opportunity to fit it in around my busy schedule… plus, they’re economical, they’re affordable. And that was a big deal for me.”

– Diane Thomas

“I really would not have made it to the finish line and even think of graduating without having the ability and the option for the Saylor Courses. I am grateful.”

“I appreciate that Saylor Academy is an online learning site that offers good training for free. I started with ESL courses. I like that the courses are divided by level, and also that there are courses in different fields and in particular management, that interests me the most.”

“The flexibility of being able to complete the work on my terms and at my pace was exactly what I needed with my busy lifestyle.”

“Saylor is making my life so much easier and is opening doors for me. Before Saylor, I thought if I wanted to get a Bachelor’s degree I would have to put my whole life on pause and give up my time, income, savings, and freedom. Saylor fixed all of that.”

“Saylor Academy is a dream come true!”

“Saylor courses impacted my trajectory in college by allowing me to excel quicker than normal. Without Saylor courses, it would have taken me longer to complete all my courses. Therefore, delaying graduation. I’m so lucky to have had the option of taking Saylor classes!”