From our Adamjee Life staff stories, Nadeem Meher mentions the value of online learning in preparing to teach and train others in the workplace.

Nadeem Meher - Adamjee Life Academy

One of my Key Performance Indicators is ‘Learning & Growth’ and I was required to appear in three courses of Saylor Academy. Therefore, I chose courses according to my cadre.

I found the material provided was very informative, interesting, up-to-date and easy to comprehend. To date, I have appeared in and successfully completed six courses and I feel that the journey of learning has just started.

After studying and qualifying for the certificates, I am more confident in designing and conducting training courses at Adamjee Life Academy platform. I am grateful to Adamjee Life and Saylor Foundation.

Nadeem Meher
Deputy Manager Training
Adamjee Life Assurance Company Limited

Photo courtesy Adamjee Life

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