Neelam Malik-Tajani, learning with Saylor Academy as part of the Adamjee Life Academy initiative, talks about the need to practice juggling multiple tasks — while one is already juggling multiple tasks.

Adamjee Life Academy - Neelam

Saylor Academy is great way of initiating the learning process. The purpose of choosing three particular courses was to learn how to manage the tasks efficiently within a limited time, when there is work pressure and frustration is at its peak. Everyone gets stressed out in such situations. Secondly, how to provide valuable services to customers (both internal and external) and work professionally.

This helped me to fill gaps in my knowledge and gain particular skills needed during performing my tasks. While taking these courses, it stimulated my mind and broadened horizons, which assists me in day-to-day work and in thinking in a broader perspective.

It is very useful for people who value continuous learning and keen learners. It is very convenient as the content is accessible 24/7.

Happy Learning!!

Neelam Malik Tajani
Front Desk Coordinator
Adamjee Life Assurance Company Limited

Photo courtesy Adamjee Life

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